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Integrity Lawn Care llc

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Lic. # 35920

How long until the weeds begin to die?

Some species die off within a few hours. Others may take 2 weeks. Generally, you'll see the weeds beginning to die off within 5-10 days after the application.

After initial setup, how long does it take for someone to come out and spray?

If we get the call early enough in the day we usually have next day service. All new customers are given priority to get the process started.

Are the chemicals pet friendly?

We generally stay away from toxic chemicals, however, these aren't vitamins either. We pickup dog and children toys and use the same precautions when we spray as you would while spraying any over the counter chemicals (windex, Clorox, etc.) The EPA suggestion is to wait 1-2 hours after application to return to the turf.

What if we move out of our home, is there any cancellation fees?

Absolutely not. This is an ongoing pay-by-spray service. Cancel anytime for any reason.  

My yard is REALLY BAD... how long until it's nice looking?

This is a little more complicated than a simple answer can give. The type of grass and the amount of shade play a huge role in the recovery of the turf. However, regarding the weeds, we can usually take 95% of them out after 2 applications. The first application will take out almost everything you can see on the surface but a few stragglers will remain. Even the most severe cases are cleaned up quite quickly.